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Add Spot The Ball to your Wordpress Competition Website.

Ryan Hull July 30, 2021 4028 Views Belfast Northern Ireland

Adding the BOTB style Spot the ball Plugin to your WordPress Competition Website

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What is Spot The Ball?

Spot the ball style competitions are at the top of the industry, this style of competition is reserved for the biggest website such as who is the biggest in the UK competition space with 100’s of millions in sales.

Compete with the biggest in the industry with this simple add-on!


To get this addon to work we need to make sure your website has a few things first.

Before installing this plugin you need to check compatibility first:

To use this plugin you must already have either of the following installed:


Find out more in the video at the start of this article.

What's Included?

What can you expect with this plugin:


  • Adds spot the ball style game to the product page.
  • Make multiple guesses at once.
  • Accurate X&Y Axis guessing system.
  • Manually Set Winning Pixel or click image to set winning pixel.
  • CSV Download ranked from closest to the winning pixel to the furthest away.
  • The winner is automatically calculated by finding distance in pixels away from the winning X&Y.

Dont have a competition website just yet?

Watch this video!

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