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Build a Competitions Raffle Website

Ryan Hull May 29, 2020 5585 Views Belfast Northern Ireland

Are you looking to build a Skill Based Competition Website? Excellent, at getfound, we have created a good few of these before... even made a few videos on the topic, but more on that later

The Process to Building a Competitions Website

There are numerous elements when building a competition or raffle site anyway the greater part of the information really comes from you, we’re the creators, not your legal team, so it’s significant that you know the plan of action you’re going into and it’s dependent upon you to source the ‘terms and conditions’ and ‘security arrangements’ for your business, we don’t generally see that side of things separated from adjusting to anything a vendor asks of during a record set up with them.

So the procedure, it’s, in reality, straightforward. As we are already equipped with a DEMO website, you can have a look at the functionality that you can expect & need for a website like this.

Take a look at our Competition / Raffle Website Demo: & my Step By Step Video on How To Create A Raffle / Lottery / Competition WordPress Website 2021 (Easy For Beginners)

You can imagine this website as the core to the project as it has all of the elements you need to run a competition website, and this exact ‘core’ is currently being used on a number of competition websites running right now.

We then ask you a number of questions based on your brand to ‘Re-skin’ the website so it looks unique to you. This method of working cuts down massively on time and therefore costs. We see very little reason to double working at the expense of our client.

Whats included?

A quick rundown about what’s included with our product

  • Branded "Re-skinned" version of our mature and production tested demo website
  • Create / Manage Competitions from an admin area
  • Create / Manage Previous Winners from an admin area
  • Ecommerce System to handel all payments & order detail
  • Tickets Generated on completed order
  • Transactional Emails such as, order receipt that include ticket numbers
  • Easy competition ticket export. Enabling you to post an excel document & run a random number generator
  • SEO is setup and included.
  • Secure Website "HTTPS SSL" Certificate
  • Help with setting up domain name
  • Hosting is charged at £35 p/m for a fast private server. This is a cost i pass on.

There are many more small aspects to the site not listed there, but I thought 11 was enough to get started!

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