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IOS 16 has changed the Apple Pay payments landscape!

Ryan Hull December 9, 2022 2573 Views Belfast Northern Ireland

By far the most requested feature in my DIY Competition website is the addition of Apple Pay and Google Pay! This Article and video shows exactly how you can get up and running ASAP!

Dont Like Reading? Take a look at my video on the topic

Getting Started

First and foremost, you need to sign up to the payment gateway merchant. Do so at the following link:

Once that form has been filled in you will be contacted by Andrew who will talk you through the process of getting setup with this high risk gateway. This gateway is one of the cheapest ive found for high risk payments and this is because they actually process payments for other companies in the space, meaning you are going direct to the source when it comes to getting your payment gateway.

I then recommend when you are ready to install the apple pay and google pay plugin on your site that you visit the above video so you can follow along click by click!

High Risk Payments FAQ

Below are is a list

Why do i need High Risk?

High risk payment gateways are needed for business such as competition websites, raffle websites, sweepstakes, lotteries, CBD stores, vaping, holiday makers, the list is endless. The reason for these is the likes of paypal, stripe etc do not accept these business types due to the risk involved in their payments. Thats where companies like the one ive listed above come in!

Why are they more expensive?

As the name suggests these gateways specialise in high risk payments, and in its nature these are more expensive to transact due to the risks involved. As transactions increase on your site and volume goes up, you can see a reduction in your payment gateway fees, but to get started they may be higher than you are used to. From here you can account for these fees in your products.

Do they have a High Risk Payment Gateway WooCommerce plugin?

Yes, you can see me install that in the above video. This hosted payment page plugin means you are able to offload your payment taking to secure servers hosted their network. This means you can focus on selling and they focus on delivering your customers the best payment gateway.

Can i  just talk to a human?

I feel your pain, there is no problem here. Fill in the following form ( and you will be directly contact by Andrew and he can get you up and running. Should you wish to talk about WooCommerce integration or a Raffle / Competition website, fire me an email to

What do i need to get started?

You will need:

  • A website & WooCommerce
  • Be a sole trader or LTD
  • A business Bank Account ( when signing up here choose the closest company type from their list – don’t try explain.

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